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Polynucleotides In Cheshire

Polynucleotides are taking the aesthetic world by a storm due to the ability to promote regeneration. Think of it like kicking starting your body to heal and repair itself. Polynucleotides are composed of ultra-purified, natural DNA which stimulate your body’s skin fibroblasts to synthesize collagen, elastin and endogenous hyaluronic acid. In addition they stimulate repair and reconstruction and also have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The result is more youthful, plump, thicker, healthier, hydrated skin.

The benefits for both medical and aesthetic conditions is undisputed and the range of concerns they can treat are endless. Polynucleotides are commonly used to combat the signs of ageing, improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. They help to hydrate the skin and bring life and glow to a dull complexion. They have also been shown to help with scarring, rosacea and hair regrowth.

Polynucleotides are injected into the skin either with a needle or cannula. They can be used pretty much anywhere on the body where skin rejuvenation is required. Polynucleotides have become extremely popular in treating the under eye area. This has historically been a difficult area to treat especially for those people who are not a candidate for tear trough filler. Polynucleotides have been shown to improve a range of under eye concerns such as hollowness, wrinkled skin, dark circles and puffiness.

This does appear to be a wonder treatment however there are some considerations for those who want instant results. Patience is required whilst your body is given the time to heal and repair. Often a course of treatments is needed and it can take up to 90 days to see the full regenerative effects of Polynucleotides, however it is certainly worth the wait.

If you are struggling with lines and wrinkles, crepy skin, under eye concerns, rosacea or scarring this may be the treatment for you. If you are interested in stimulating your own bodies regenerative powers then book in for a consultation with Dr Kasia in her clinic in Sale, South Manchester.

Polynucleotides Frequently Asked Questions

How do Polynucleotides work?

Polynucleotides are an injectable treatment composed of ultra-purified, natural DNA which stimulates your body’s skin fibroblasts to synthesize collagen, elastin and endogenous hyaluronic acid.

Does it hurt?

Topical anaesthetic cream can be used to numb the skin. There can be a minor stinging when the product is injected but the procedure is tolerated very well.

Is there any downtime with Polynucleotides?

As with any injectable procedure there is always a risk of bruising and swelling. The majority of the swelling subsides in a couple of days.

How long do Polynucleotides last?

Dr Kasia will discuss a bespoke treatment plan for you. Often a course of treatments is needed and she will advise on this and also a maintenance plan. As the body continues to age it would often be required to boost your collagen production at least every 12 months

How much does treatment with Polynucleotides cost?

Each treatment is from £280 however Dr Kasia offers courses of treatments at a reduced price.