Dr Kasia

Microneedling Treatment In Cheshire

Microneedling is a non-invasive but extremely effective rejuvenation treatment which harnesses your skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Dr Kasia uses a microneedling electronic pen which is a very safe and efficient way of delivering thousands of tiny punctures to the skin. These punctures cause “micro traumas” which stimulate your body to heal and repair by the production of natural collagen and elastin. It is great for people who want to focus on stimulating their own body to regenerate but also works well combined with other treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers, to give overall improvement and rejuvenation to the skin and complexion.

Microneedling can be used on the face, neck and body. It can help improve conditions such as acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles,  pigmentation and stretch marks. Due to the ability to rejuvenate it is a great antiaging solution resulting in skin which is plump and refreshed.

Dr Kasia is a medical profession and therefore you know you are in safe hands having this procedure. She uses a microneedling electronic pen which enables her to modify the depth of the needles with precision, to ensure optimal results. This is far superior to traditional dermarollers and entirely different to home microneedling devices.

After a consultation, to determine your specific skin concerns, Dr Kasia will devise a treatment plan outlining how many sessions are needed. She also prescribes a bespoke mesotherapy cocktail, to be used in conjunction with microneedling, to deliver active treatment deep into the dermis of your skin. This will address your unique concerns and achieve optimal results.

If you have concerns regarding your complexion and you feel it appears dull, with uneven tone, lack lustre or aged, look no further for a natural and safe way to help the skin repair and regenerate itself. The result for you is skin that is smoother, brighter, healthier and younger-looking.

Microneedling Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt

Before your procedure local anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin to be treated to make it numb. The needle punctures are very fine and the numbing cream really does help makes this as comfortable as possible.

What to expect after the procedure

After the procedure your skin will look quite red, a bit like sunburn. This lasts approximately 24 hours, meaning the downtime is not long and you can return to your usual activities the following day. For a few days after your skin can feel a little bit dry and Dr Kasia can advise on the best products to use to help with this. Over the following weeks to months, as the skin regenerates, you will notice an improvement in your overall complexion.

Is it safe

This is an extremely safe procedure as it is simply stimulating your own body to regenerate. As with all procedures there are some risk and complications but Dr Kasia will explain everything to ensure you are fully informed.

How Long Does it Last

Following an initial assessment Dr Kasia will advise on how many treatments are needed. Usually a course of 3-5 treatments, each spaced 3 weeks apart, depending on your specific skin concern. The results do not wear off as such, however the ageing process sadly continues. It would then be recommended to have a single treatment every 6-12 months, to kick start further collagen and elastin production.

How Much Does It Cost

A single session is £250. Discounts are applied for courses and include skincare packages to support your skin journey. Please refer to the price list in the patient portal for full details