Dr Kasia


Dr Kasia believes in a holistic approach to anti ageing and is passionate about the benefits of clinically proven skincare products. From her own experience her skin has been transformed by the use of carefully chosen products which have helped her achieve glowing, flawless skin. One size does not fit all and to achieve optimal results professional advise is needed. When it came to choosing a skincare brand for her patients she wanted  to ensure she could provide unique regimes for all skin concerns. With that in mind there was no better option than AlumierMD skincare.

AlumierMD skin is an award winning skincare brand which was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. The collaboration between leading scientists and physicians to bring the most effective formulations using optimal medical-grade ingredients. These products can only be distributed by accredited clinics so you can be assured that products will be hand picked to target the underlying physiology of your skin type. AlumierMD focuses on the science behind great skin. Dr Kasia will start by assessing and identifying your personal skin profile. She can then tailor a bespoke skincare regime so that you can start to see improvements in your specific skin concerns.

AlumierMD features the highest quality formulations. There is no ‘angel-dusting’ of active ingredients. Each product is developed to ensure that the bio availability of every molecule has been optimised and delivers a therapeutic purpose. This ensures that you will see real results and improvement whatever your skin concern, with the goal of achieving younger, smoother and brighter looking skin. See a reduction in wrinkles, lines, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Welcome a glowing, radiant, hydrated complexion!

AlumierMD has cleansers which will respect your skin barrier. There are products for all skin types ranging from the most sensitive to those with oily blemish prone skin and everything in between.

AlumierMD exfoliators will help to treat specific concerns whether that be lacklustre dull skin, pigmentation, blemishes or fine lines. The aim is to achieve glowing, flawless skin. The range of exfoliators can even cater for sensitive skin types.

AlumierMD treatment serums contain scientifically proven ingredients to target anything ranging from acne, wrinkles, sensitivity, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and with products such as their retinol range, it will help to boost collagen production. Due to the activity and strength of these treatment serums Dr Kasia will give specific advice as to which products and strength are best suited for you.

There is an extensive range of moisturisers so you can be sure you are getting the exact product suited for your skin type. Specialist products are also available for the under eye area, neck and decolletage

Kasia firmly believes that the most important skincare product is SPF. AlumierMD has a vast range of SPF products which cater for all skin types and come in both tinted and untinted formulas. Dr Kasia can guarantee there will be an AlumierMD SPF which you will love wearing, therefore no excuse not to protect from UV damage every day of the year

AlumierMD is founded on three core values “Clean, Corrective and Committed”. It is cruelty-free and their ingredients are always ethically sourced. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from every sale supports the AlumierMD Foundation, an initiative supporting education in South Africa. This is truly a fantastic range of skincare like no other!

If you want help and guidance with your skincare and to stop wasting time and money on products that don’t work, then book in for a free skincare consultation.

Once you have had a consultation, Dr Kasia can provide you a tailor made skincare plan and you will then be given access to the AliumierMD portal so you can purchase products online.